City of Loris looking at expansion project to benefit the community

Published: Nov. 23, 2021 at 5:25 PM EST
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LORIS, S.C. (WMBF) - Ways to ease flooding while also growing sports tourism, is exactly what Loris City Council Members will discuss Tuesday night. They hope to approve a new contract to buy more land for sports facilities.

Mayor Todd Harrelson is proposing to City Council what he calls a two-fold project tonight. Part of the discussion is about buying land on Heritage Road. The goal is to expand the city’s recreation center and construct flood ponds.

“As far as our sports tourism, it does help us to help our children also. We fix it for our sports tourism, but our children get the benefits, just like some of the other municipalities,” said Harrelson.

Sports tourism continues to grow in Loris, so much so that there’s a need for more facilities.

One of five Loris Baseball Fields in the Loris Recreation area. Tournaments are held here...
One of five Loris Baseball Fields in the Loris Recreation area. Tournaments are held here throughout the year.(wmbf)

There are currently five fields and one sports facility in the city, but the Mayor wants to expand to build soccer fields and basketball courts. The hope is the city can hold more tournaments for all sports, and kids of all ages.

Tourism will also help the community grow. Local businesses boom during tournaments with families eating at restaurants and shopping.

“I would say it would need to be an ergonomic approach for what we’re doing for our city and making a beautiful complex that a lot of people can enjoy,” said Loris City Clerk Keith Massey.

In addition to new sports facilities, the city is working with engineers to build flood ponds throughout these nearly 40 acres of land. This will help with flooding on Forest Drive and other areas within the city.

“It could be tremendous. From the engineers that I’ve talked to and knowing where the water comes through flood-specific areas, it could be the difference between flooding and not flooding,” said Harrelson.

The first official discussion with City Council Members about the new proposal happens Tuesday. Mayor Harrelson says he would love to start working on this project right away. He wants to get the council on board to help the children and citizens of Loris all in one project.

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