Kingston Landing to bring new condos, restaurants, brewery to Conway Riverwalk

Published: Nov. 20, 2021 at 9:53 AM EST
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CONWAY, S.C. (WMBF) - Condos, restaurants, a brewery and scenic tours are all part of the plan to add some life to Conway’s Riverwalk.

The Kingston Landing Project got the green light from the city’s Community Appearance Board this week.

The Riverwalk offers a view of the Waccamaw River during the day, but once the sun sets, there isn’t too much to see.

The proposed Kingston Landing Project would certainly change that. Staff at Bonfire Taquiera are looking forward to having a few more businesses help to light up the Riverwalk.

“Several times a week I hear, ‘Oh, I’ve never even seen that place,’” said Derril King, a manager at the restaurant. “‘I’ve never heard of that place.’ We are tucked off a little bit in the corner.”

Since opening six years ago, Bonfire Taqueria has had the northern portion of the Conway Riverwalk pretty much all to themselves.

But two new buildings on that side complete with condos, a brewery and restaurants, would move Bonfire from the corner to right in the middle of the action.

“It’s beautiful in the area, and I think we could capture more of the scenery if we put some more places for people to go and hang out,” said King.

Another building would go up towards Highway 905 as part of the plan. It would include 50 condos and a new seafood restaurant.

The developer for the project, Steven Fitzpatrick, says he fell in love with the idea to develop the area the moment he took in the view of the river.

“One of my engineers took me on a boat trip down the Waccamaw river,” he said. “It’s such a beautiful scene and it felt like this has got to be taken advantage of.”

The project caters toward boaters along the Waccamaw, with slips for them to dock and stretch out their sea legs at the businesses.

Of course, land lovers won’t miss out either. Fitzpatrick said the two locations will eventually be tied together when the Riverwalk is extended.

“The whole idea is just to create,” he said. “If you’ve been to the Riverwalk, it doesn’t come up that far, so this will create the upper end to the Riverwalk.”

It’s an “upper end” that Bonfire is looking forward to being a part of.

“If you put some other businesses in the area and get some living situations for people, I think it would be good to help the economy in the area,” said King.

Fitzpatrick says they’re hoping to have a groundbreaking in January and move dirt later in the spring.

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