Vandalism costs House of Hope a donation drop box in Florence

Published: Nov. 18, 2021 at 6:27 PM EST
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FLORENCE, S.C. (WMBF) - House of Hope of the Pee Dee’s donation box on Third Loop Road in Florence had to be removed after it was robbed and vandalized over the weekend.

It may not seem like a big deal, but the non-profit relies heavily on its boxes to support daily operations.

House of Hope has donation boxes set up across the Pee Dee to make it easier for people to donate.

All of the donations are then sold at the non-profit’s Mission Mart.

The items inside each box bring in thousands of dollars used to support two homeless shelters, food, and many other resources for people in need.

“There’s no such thing as free electricity, no free food, free gas, everything takes money and our donations bring that in and when there’s vandalism taking place there’s a robbing taking place,” Mission Mart Retail Director Monica Price said.

To make matters worse, the box on Third Loop Road usually collects more donations than any other box in the Pee Dee.

Now it’s been removed for repairs.

Price said there’s no reason to rob a dropbox. She said it’s their job to help clothe and assist people.

“We have the available services to provide to people in need where you shouldn’t have to steal,” Price said.

Price said while it might be less convenient for donors; she asks people who usually take donations to box on Third Loop to bring their items to the mission mart or one of the other drop boxes around town instead.

“We won’t let this get us down, it’s a stumbling block the Lord will remove,” Price said.

Dropbox locations:

Courtney McGinnis Shelter

535 S. Church Street

Cornerstone Baptist Church

2930 Masters Way, Darlington

Evergreene Baptist Church

6316 Pamplico Hwy.

First Presbyterian Church

700 S. Park Ave.

Men’s shelter

1020 W. Darlington St.

House of Hope Mission Mart

953 S. Irby St.

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