Coroner: Sheridan Wahl was dropped off at Pee Dee fire department before her death

Published: Nov. 16, 2021 at 2:26 PM EST
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FLORENCE COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) – The Florence County coroner provided more insight on the autopsy report and the circumstances surrounding a young woman’s death after she was first reported missing Myrtle Beach.

Florence County Coroner Keith von Lutcken released the autopsy report for Sheridan Wahl on Monday afternoon. It was determined that Wahl died as a result of “multiple blunt force injuries due to a fall” and that her manner of death was classified as “undetermined.”

Sheridan Wahl
Sheridan Wahl(The Wahl Family)

Wahl was last seen on Sunday, Sept. 19 along South Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach when she came up from Florida to visit her father, according to an incident report. Her body was found on Tuesday, Sept. 21 at the base of the Hannah-Salem Friendfield Fire Department’s training tower.

The coroner explained that there are several types of manners of death: homicide, suicide, accident, natural and undetermined.

“The reason for the undetermined ruling on my part is there is an amount of time that is unaccounted for regarding Sheridan’s whereabouts or if she was with someone,” von Lutcken explained.


The coroner revealed to WMBF News that based on his examination at the scene, Wahl’s body had been there for 18 hours.

Incident reports from Myrtle Beach and the Florence County Sheriff’s Office reveal the following timeline:

  • Sunday, Sept. 19 around 1 p.m. – Last seen on Ocean Boulevard after FaceTiming with her mother
  • Sunday, Sept. 19 at 2:23 p.m. – Wahl’s burned Toyota Corolla is found in a ditch without a license plate in a cornfield off Keith Lane in Scranton
  • Tuesday, Sept. 21 at 8:45 a.m. – Wahl’s body was found at the Hannah-Salem Friendfield Fire Department, about 10 miles away from where her burned vehicle was found.
Sheridan Wahl's burned car was found in this cornfield in Florence County, about 10 miles from...
Sheridan Wahl's burned car was found in this cornfield in Florence County, about 10 miles from where her body was found.(Source: WMBF News)

Based on the coroner’s examination that Wahl’s body was at the fire department for about 18 hours, which means she died around 2:45 p.m. Monday. It still leaves her whereabouts unaccounted for about 24 hours.

The coroner added that there were no phone calls or texts during that unaccounted-for time, but he said investigators do know from witnesses that she was exhibiting unusual or erratic behavior.

He revealed to WMBF News that a man picked up Wahl at the scene of the crash off Keith Lane and then dropped her off at the fire department. The coroner added that investigators spoke with the man who gave her a ride and took his statements. No other information was provided on the driver.


According to South Carolina state law, autopsy and toxicology reports are not public records based on an S.C. Supreme Court opinion back in 2014 that states those reports are considered medical records. But coroners can talk publicly about the results of blood screenings.

The coroner revealed to WMBF News that the toxicology report showed nothing in her bloodstream of concern.


He added that there were no external injuries to indicate that she had been in an altercation and that all of her injuries were internal.

“I can’t say definitively someone didn’t push or throw her off. Likewise, I can’t say she didn’t fall or jump on her own. Therefore, the only options for manner of death is homicide, suicide or accident and we don’t know. That’s why I ruled it as undetermined,” von Lutcken explained.

The coroner stated that the manner of death could change if there is new information in the case that helps give a clearer picture of what happened to Wahl.

The State Law Enforcement Division is the lead agency in the case. WMBF News has reached out to SLED to see where the investigation stands. SLED would only say that the investigation is ongoing.

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