Withers Swash Park expansion to bring new walking access to Myrtle Beach

Published: Nov. 12, 2021 at 7:22 AM EST
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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - The city of Myrtle Beach plans to purchase four acres to expand Withers Swash Park.

The new land will be used to extend the trails in the park, creating a pedestrian connection from Kings Highway to Broadway Street in the process.

“It’s really a nice variation from the beach,” said George Reynolds, who lives near the park and visits frequently. “We have such a beautiful beach, but this is one of the nice areas too.”

Reynolds like to go on walks and bike rides through Withers Swash Park with his wife in the afternoon. His favorite aspect of the park: the wildlife. Reynolds says every time he goes there, he sees something new.

“We just saw a grey crane, there’s egrets, there’s all kinds of ducks and there were quite a few foxes.”

Reynolds may soon have even more trails to cruise down looking for new animals.

The area in blue on this map is already owned by the City of Myrtle Beach and makes up Withers...
The area in blue on this map is already owned by the City of Myrtle Beach and makes up Withers Swash Park. The red area is what the city council is considering purchasing to expand the park.(City of Myrtle Beach)

While protecting all the nature and wildlife that Reynolds appreciates so much about Withers Swash Park certainly plays a role in the decision to expand it, it’s not the only reason the city would like to see the park grow.

“The goal is to be able to connect all the way from the Broadway Street area to the new rails for trails and then all the way down through Family Kingdom to the Oceanfront Withers Swash Park and the trail,” said Myrtle Beach Councilman John Krajc.

Krajc says the city wants to make it easier to get around, not only by car, but by walking and cycling as well. By extending the trail down to Kings Highway, Withers Swash Park will do just that.

“We are working toward getting some programming in Withers Swash Park so that we can bring in some positive activity, drive out any negative activity in Withers Swash Park as well,” said Krajc.

The extra four acres will cost the city $350,000, but it received a grant from the federal land and water conservation fund to help cover half of that. The city will have to come up with the rest.

The project needs one more vote from city council for approval, then the city can start extending the trails so Reynolds has even more to check out.

“You can just flow around and see some of the connecting trails,” said Reynolds. “It’s a good place to explore around here.”

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