Bucksport residents call on county leaders for changes to stop major flooding

Published: Oct. 13, 2021 at 8:17 PM EDT
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HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - Some neighbors in a part of Horry County are asking leaders to find more money to help mitigate flooding problems.

Antonio Burroughs says he’s lived in the Bucksport community his entire life and says some of the mitigation efforts done in the past that helped alleviate the flooding aren’t happening now.

He also said the ditches were once wider and flooding wasn’t an issue like it is today.

Over time, he explained the rain has caused the ditches to erode with the ones near his home clogging up more frequently and causing water to overflow.

Burroughs said he doesn’t understand why the county isn’t able to widen the ditches again. He feels there has to be money somewhere in the Horry County budget to address this issue.

But right now, he feels the county can do more to address water overflow before a major flooding event occurs.

“If they dig those ditches a little wider and deeper, we won’t have that problem,” Burroughs said. “I been living here all my life and I never had this problem. Things are not getting done and they’ve got an answer for every question and the answer they’re giving us, it won’t add up to fix the problem.”

Horry County Councilmember Orton Bellamy said engineers found the ditches aren’t required to be any deeper or wider. When asked about more long-term solutions, he said the county was recently approved for a $715,000 grant to raise Big Bull Landing Road.

Bellamy added the project will create a dam on the existing drainage system which will mitigate flooding from the Pee Dee River.

“It’s like a back system that will slow the water going into Bucksport,” he said. “Because you know the flooding in Bucksport is coming from the big Pee Dee River.”

Bellamy said the county is currently in the contracting phase for that project.

Kevin Mishoe, president of the Association for the Betterment of Bucksport. said he’s not sold on the solutions county leaders are discussing just yet.

He says he’s just not confident what’s said will truly happen, and that he doesn’t want residents to wait years before some of the ongoing flooding issues are fixed.

“Every season we had a flooding, we get a conversation from our county,” Mishoe said. “They come down in numbers and tell us how we can solve this problem and you just wait and see. Well, we wait and we never see. It’s not that we want to create an adversary of our local government. We just want the same resources dedicated to this community as any other community would want.”

Bellamy says one challenge the county is facing with addressing some of Bucksport’s mitigation efforts is due to heirs’ properties, which is when a clear title is not non-existent for a home or land. He said that prevents the county from being able to mitigate or address damages on some properties.

County officials, including Bellamy, are hosting a forum to further discuss mitigation efforts on Oct. 25 at the James R. Frazier Community Center beginning at 6 p.m.

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