County leaders consider ways to keep golf carts off Carolina Forest multi-purpose path

Published: Sep. 24, 2021 at 6:05 AM EDT
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HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - A brand new multi-purpose path on Carolina Forest Boulevard is already seeing plenty of use from runners and cyclists.

But some people, however, are concerned about its use as a golf cart path.

“There’s usually joggers, people walking their dogs, people with children in strollers, and then there’s the golf carts,” said Vincent Lehotsky, who walks or jogs the new path nearly everyday to get in his steps.

Lehotsky has had several encounters with things that aren’t supposed to be on that path: golf carts.

“It’s when two are coming this way, converging,” said Lehotsky. “I’m the one, and others, that have to get on the grass. I just wish there was some courtesy. Stay in your lane.”

Lehotsky is not alone, as several Carolina Forest community members addressed the same issue during a Carolina Forest Civic Association meeting with Horry County Police Chief Joseph Hill.

Hill says he’s aware of the issue, but fixing it is a little tricky.

“They shouldn’t really be on there, but right now, there’s no language in the law that allows us to enforce that,” said Hill. “That’s something we’re working through with county council and the public safety committee. It’s going to have to be written in the language of the county code.”

Hill says they will be hanging signs near the path to let people know they cannot have golf carts or other motorized vehicles there.

Horry County Councilman Bill Howard thinks there may be another way to deter golf carts, pointing to safety posts.

Howard says the safety posts would likely need to be placed wide enough for a stroller or bike to get through, but of course, not wide enough for a golf cart to get through. He says they would likely be spaced out just about every 1,000 ft. or so down the path.

Howard says the council’s focus is on getting the path’s construction completed first, then they can look into adding the posts.

Lehostky hopes something gets done before someone gets hurt.

“My concern would be the ones that race up and down the paths and the ones that are driven by children,” said Lehotsky.

Howard says it would be ideal to get that accomplished while the Carolina Forest Boulevard widening funds are still available, which could be for another year or so.

The speed limit on Carolina Forest Boulevard is 45 miles per hour. County code only allows golf carts to be driven on roads that are 35 miles per hour or less, so they cannot be driven on the road or the multi-purpose path.

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