Keeping You Safe: Self-defense moves, tools to use while exercising

‘None of this stuff works if I can’t also fight’
Published: Sep. 22, 2021 at 11:19 PM EDT
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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - This week, we’re learning how to defend ourselves if we’re outside exercising.

RKM Training showed us not only techniques but weapons to use if we’re ever attacked.

“Typically, when runners or joggers are assaulted in public when they fight back, the person immediately gives up,” said Mike Pesesko, the owner of RKM Training. “We’re talking about a person who picked you because you looked easy and then if you become a difficult target, he’s going to give up.”

Pesesko showed us a move that we learned last week, that he also said applies while working out.

“I need to turn and square up. I need to turn and square up. First things first. I got to turn and square up and put our weapons between us. Right? That might be if you grab my wrist, then I have to make some sort of wrist escape and turn and face you,” he said.

It’s not just moves that we can use to keep us safe. Pesesko said certain weapons can help in dangerous situations but only if you know how to properly use them.

“If you don’t know what to do if I do this, now you don’t have a knife. But, I taught you what to do when you do this. Elbow towards me. Elbow towards me. I can’t hold on. Now, your knife is free. Without reps of doing that, this just becomes another liability.”

Pesesko also mentioned protecting yourself with pepper spray but he strongly recommends a high-powered small flashlight, because it’s small and fits in one hand. It’s a tool that he said you can use to bash and blind.

“If I put this in your eye, that will give me time to move and strike and it makes a handy little impact weapon,” Pesesko. “None of this stuff works if I can’t also fight.”

Pesesko said most people, especially women, tell him their number one fear is getting attacked while being alone. But, he said there’s a fix for that and it starts with walking into a place like RKM Training.

“Learn to punch, learn to kick, learn to dislodge me and learn to fight back,” he said. “What I want more than anything is for them to feel comfortable and confident, and not feel constantly threatened everywhere they go.”

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