Keeping You Safe: Three important self-defense techniques that anyone can learn

“When you watch a person fight for their life, it is frantic and it is exhausting”
Published: Sep. 15, 2021 at 11:23 PM EDT
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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - Self-defense is a way to keep you safe in dangerous situations, and for one head trainer, it’s all about fighting back.

“The best place to learn self-defense is a place that puts out competitive fighters in sports but also has a grasp of the difference between sport and self-defense, which is smaller than what most people think,” said Mike Pesesko, the owner of RKM Training and also runs a YouTube channel called, hard2hurt.


Pesesko said technique is important to learn and anyone can do it, regardless of age, strength or gender.

“I need the same techniques. I just need to be better at them than they do,” he said.

He first showed a technique called the Wrist Escape, that’s used if someone is trying to take you.

Pesesko explained that when the attacker is holding your arm, push your elbow toward the attacker and your hand towards your face, which forces the person to release.

Pesesko then demonstrated the Haymaker Punch which he said is used when a person tries to go in for a punch.

“I’m supposed to cover up, keep my eyes forward, you throw your punch and actually step into it a little, which is totally counter-intuitive,” he said.

Our natural instinct is to freeze or shrink away from danger according to Pesesko, but he said we must do the opposite.

Lastly, he demonstrated the Up Kick move to fight off your attacker.

“We don’t want to end up on the ground but sometimes that happens.”

Pesesko said you need to always keep your head off the ground and keep your feet pointed at your attacker. Then, you kick.

“It looks so simple when everything is compliant during a demo or during a tutorial or something like that. But, when you watch a person fight for their life, it is frantic and it is exhausting.

That’s why Pesesko stressed the importance of practice, practice, practice.

“I want them to feel stronger, feel more capable, feel more confident and not worry anymore,” he said.

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