Horry County leaders form Highway 90 Task Force to help get widening project started

Published: Sep. 14, 2021 at 11:41 PM EDT
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HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - Relieving congestion along Highway 90 has become a top priority for Horry County leaders, and now state leaders are getting involved.

Horry County Councilman Al Allen announced during the Infrastructure and Regulation Committee meeting on Tuesday that he formed a Highway 90 Task Force.

“This task force will be tasked with immediately getting busy, rolling up their sleeves and looking at these areas,” said Allen.

Allen organized a group of councilmembers, state representatives and senators, attorneys and businessmen with one common goal: getting Highway 90 widened.

“It’s time for the council to have something in hand so we know what to get funding for instead of just throwing funding at something,” said Allen.

South Carolina state Rep. Kevin Hardee, who represents the Highway 90 area, was named the vice chairman for the task force. He said he knows Highway 90 like the back of his hand.

After several talks with the South Carolina Department of Transportation, he thinks it’s clear the project will need to happen in phases.

“This committee will participate and decide which section of the road will need to be done first and go from there,” said Hardee.

Hardee said the areas that frequently flood will likely be a top priority since those parts will need some more work than just a widening.

Fortunately, he said the SCDOT will step in to help when it comes to that.

“When the road is improved, they will raise it up so that it doesn’t flood anymore,” said Hardee.

The task force will also organize improvement projects for Highway 905 and Conway Perimeter Road, but the chairman of the task force, Mark Causey, said Highway 90 is definitely the priority.

“It’s exciting news for the people on 90,” said Causey. “I think the big thing is letting them know we are serious in looking for ways to improve that road.”

The entire task force consists of:

  • Mark Causey, Horry County Council District 9
  • Kevin Hardee, South Carolina House of Representatives, 105th District
  • Orton Bellamy, Horry County Council District 7
  • Danny Hardee, Horry County Council District 10
  • Bert Von Herman, attorney
  • April O’Leary, President, Horry County Rising
  • Danny Knight, Highway 90 business owner

Causey said he’s talked with South Carolina state Sen. Greg Hembree and South Carolina state Rep. Tim McGinnis as well.

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