Keeping You Safe: School transportation tips for drivers

Published: Aug. 25, 2021 at 7:42 PM EDT
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HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - Drivers, beware! School is back and so is the traffic.

Myrtle Beach Traffic Safety Officer Jeff Gore reminds us how to safely share the roads.

“People just need a little patience to get through it,” Gore said. “Thirty-eight percent of people who are involved in fatal collisions are doing nothing but speeding.”

Gore said folks need to slow down, especially in school zones.

“School zones start where the flashing yellow lights begin. It doesn’t matter whether you’re seeing children or not in that area. From the time they go on until the time they go off, the speed limit is reduced and the fines can be increased substantially also,” he said.

If drivers are caught speeding, they could face anywhere between a $70 to almost $500 fine.

“It’s down to 25 for a reason. That extra time and distance can save somebody’s life,” Gore said.

Another issue that Gore notices every school year, is that drivers fail to stop at stop signs. He said a lot of folks just roll through and take a quick glance instead of coming to a complete stop.

“If there’s somebody who isn’t seeing their vehicle, it’s a very big potential for collision,” he said.

Also, drivers must watch out for kids who are not only walking but biking to and from school.

“Look out for them making last-minute lane changes. Look out for them making quick turns and darting in between cars just to get around other vehicles,” said Gore. “It’s very important because we see a lot of collisions because of inattention.”

Drivers must stop if they’re traveling the same direction of a school bus, whether it’s a two or four-lane road, and if they’re driving the opposite direction on a two-lane road.

“Most of the people do stop for school buses. We do have some areas where we concentrate our efforts making sure that the school zones stay safe,” said Gore. “Don’t let the frustrations build and give yourself that extra few minutes.”

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