This is Carolina: St. James band camp bring smiles ahead of football season

Published: Aug. 20, 2021 at 5:58 PM EDT
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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - Around 50 high school students spending nine hours a day together for two weeks, with hot and rainy summer weather hanging around.

Yet, they must persevere.

This is St. James High School’s band camp, which took place just ahead of football season kicking off on Saturday.

“I don’t think people who come to football games or come to competitions just to watch, I don’t think they understand just how much work goes into what we do,” said Clinton Patton. “We’re out in the sun working. We were out here for a week before the football team even came out here. So these kids are always putting more and more and more work every single day.”

Patton is the band’s brass and drum major technician, and was in the heat with assistant band director, Ashley Purcell.

Together the two were perfecting lines, so instruments weren’t played for long. It’s all about perfecting the line.

Over and over again, they practiced.

“Hours and hours of blood, sweat and tears go into this,” said Purcell. “And the kids just work really hard, staff works hard. It takes a village to get everything together from the props, wanting the field, putting the music together it’s awesome and everybody works really hard and we have a great time.”

Among the drills, they’re working on this year’s formation. In addition to football games, the band takes part in competitions throughout the school year.

“The determination of the kids and the love and passion that we have instilled here in the culture. That’s what keeps me going the most, sharing the gift of the arts with everybody,” said band director Chuck Capps.

Students described performing in the band and seeing their hard work at band camp pay off as “indescribable,” adding that the butterflies when they hit the field keep them going.

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