Over 200 Horry County student-athletes in quarantine; prompts changes to fall sports schedule

Published: Aug. 10, 2021 at 11:22 PM EDT
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GREEN SEA, SC (WMBF) - More than 200 student-athletes at Horry County Schools are off the field and in quarantine due to COVID-19 cases.

Currently, Horry County Schools requires 14-day quarantines for students who test positive or come in close contact.

Some teams, like the St. James High School football players, should be back just in time for the start of school next week, but the same can’t be said for all of the 222 quarantined students in the district right now.

All of the quarantines that are in place before school even starts have already led to some schedule changes for some fall sports.

“If you get a copy of our roster, you’ll see all of them are quarantined, varsity and JV, because we kind of practice together at the same place,” said Green Sea Floyds High School Football Head Coach Joey Price.

It’s been about a week since Price has been able to get his athletes on the field. They have another week to go before they can get back to practice ahead of a fast-approaching football season.

“First of all, you lose conditioning. That’s what I worry about more than anything,” Price said. “While I want to think that my kids are better than anyone else’s and will run on their own, anybody who thinks that, we need to sell them some swamp meds.”

Green Sea Floyds football team is one of several athletic teams in the district that make up 222 quarantined students. Only seven of those students have tested positive, but whole teams need to quarantine for two weeks because of contact tracing.

While Price worries about getting his team in shape in time, he just found out about another obstacle: His team’s schedule got flipped around.

“Our region voted 4-1 to move the schedule forward to Game 3,” said Price. “That puts us with our first region game at game 3 now.”

The quarantines prompted the South Carolina High School League to advise teams to move region games up in their schedules.

A statement from the SCHSL said schools are encouraged to make “necessary changes to their schedules to give teams a chance to play their region games in all sports in the event COVID caused some to be quarantined.”

Green Sea Floyds was the only school to vote against the change in the 1A region.

With his whole team sidelined already, Price is wondering if the peak in quarantines they’re trying to avoid, is already happening.

“What if we move up now, then we start canceling,” said Floyd. “Now we have to try to run games out on the backend where we’re trying to move these teams on the front end back to the back end. Seems like a lot of jockeying for position for no reason.”

Despite it all, right now, Price just wants to play some football, regardless of who they play and when.

“Our community wants to be behind football as well,” said Floyd. “They love football in this community. They love our kids more.”

Price said one of his biggest concerns is that the quarantine the team is under will lead into the first two days of school next week.

He said parents have reached out, concerned about football and the potential for two-week-long quarantines impacting their child’s education.

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