Pamplico man looks forward to future after 300 days in hospital with COVID-19

Published: Jun. 11, 2021 at 8:01 PM EDT
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PAMPLICO, S.C. (WMBF) - Dan Thompkins is home after spending 300 days hospitalized during a difficult battle with COVID-19.

Thompkins was leading on-the-job training in Georgetown when a co-worker mentioned his wife had tested positive for COVID-19.

“I call HR and they tell me to immediately go get checked, and over the next few days I found out I did have COVID,” Thompkins said.

Thompkins’s condition quickly spiraled downward two weeks later. The next six months were a blur.

“To this day, I don’t have recollection of a lot of things. I can tell you my hallucinations when I was in the depressive areas. That was very real,” Thompkins said.

Thompkins began to get a sense of his surroundings around seven months into his battle and loneliness quickly became Thompkins’ next obstacle.

“Have people all around you that would go home and be with their loved ones and talk about what they’re going to do this weekend, and you’re stuck in a hospital,” Thompkins said.

With the help of his wife Carolyn, Thompkins slowly made progress. Then, after a 10-month stay in five different hospitals, he was able to go home.

“Well when I turned on the road to come up to here, my eyes welled up with tears,” Thompkins said.

After being home for a week, Thompkins jokes the hospital may not have been so bad after all.

“I told my wife just a while ago that I’m ready to go back to the hospital since she’s such a drill sergeant - ‘You got to take this, got to do this, get up and do your exercises in bed.’ I’m really so thankful for her,” Thompkins said.

Thompkins credits his wife with his survival. He said she stood by him the entire time giving him the confidence to move forward.

His journey is an ongoing process. Thompkins wants to get back to his photography hobby soon and he begins physical therapy next week .

“Just to be able to walk, that takes the very basic necessities and I had all that before I fell ill, and all of the basic things you don’t really think about,” Thompkins said.

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