Data shows nearly 30% of South Carolinians worry about facing eviction, foreclosure

Updated: May. 27, 2021 at 9:06 AM EDT
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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - Nearly 30% of South Carolinians are worried about facing evictions or foreclosures in the next couple of months.

That’s according to recent data collected around the country.

Some people are turning to daily or weekly stays in cheaper rentals or even homeless shelters. New Directions CEO Kathy Jenkins said before spending what’s left in your bank account, know resources are available.

“Don’t wait until you absolutely have no money left in your pocket before you call us,” Jenkins said. “Let us get you on a list. We often have waiting lists and get on the list. If you are facing eviction or foreclosure, get on our list. We will connect you to potential reasons to help you stay in your home.”

Jenkins said they work closely with ECHO, a housing organization to help people stay in their homes.

Workers at the shelter said some people are asking to relocate back to their home state because they can’t make ends meet along the Grand Strand.

Jenkins said they’re helping any way they can, including expanding the men’s shelters by nearly 70 beds.

She also said if people know someone who needs help, call the number 211.

Those who are worried about foreclosure should call on the experts for help. The housing market is booming and Sloan Realty Group real estate expert Blake Sloan said last month alone home sales were up over 60% compared to the same month last year.

“We’re seeing a lot of people who may have been in the situation behind on payments, worried they probably have a lot more equity than they think they do,” Sloan said. “We’re seeing some homeowners seeing $50,000, $60,000 more than they think they’d get just because of the state of the market right now.”

Sloan said foreclosure rates are low right now across the Grand Strand.

He said banks are more likely to work with homeowners on things like restructuring loans to loan forgiveness.

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