Conway Medical Center starts walk-in clinics after COVID-19 vaccine supply, demand even out

Conway Medical Center starts walk-in clinics after COVID-19 vaccine supply, demand even out

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - Tens of thousands of COVID-19 vaccine doses later, Conway Medical Center is the latest provider to allow walk-ins for vaccination.

“From where we were months ago to where we are now, it has been remarkable to see how quickly we’ve been able to transition to allowing walk-ins,” Allyson Floyd, CMC spokesperson, said.

In their first week of walk-in clinics, Floyd said they had about 200 people stop by. She noted the hospital can offer walk-ins because they’re consistently getting all the doses they ask for each week.

“We certainly had the demand, but not as much supply, so now it’s transitioned to we have the supply to meet the demand,” Floyd said.

It’s not just CMC that has made the change. Tidelands Health has been able to switch to some walk-in options as well.

This comes as the Medical University of South Carolina estimates more than two-thirds of residents in Georgetown, Horry, and Williamsburg counties are now immune to COVID-19.

Georgetown County is even higher. Estimates say 74% of the population now has either vaccine or natural immunity.

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All this adds up to less demand to get a COVID-19 vaccine, with many people who wanted one already able to receive their vaccination.

“Providers are finding fewer people making appointments, so there are a couple things we can do about that, including events where you don’t need an appointment,” Dr. Jane Kelly, assistant state epidemiologist, said.

Kelly said the focus should now shift to parts of the state where demand is down.

“Recognizing we’ve already vaccinated the people that were the most eager, we need to bring vaccine to the people,” she said.

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