New app helps those moving to Horry County determine if home is in danger of flooding

Horry County launches new app to help homebuyers identify flood prone areas

CONWAY, S.C. (WMBF) - Getting a waterfront home in Horry County may sound like a dream to home buyers, but many areas could be in jeopardy of flooding.

Horry County wants to help people moving to the area figure out which areas could be a concern, so it launched the “Map Your Move” app.

“I think the more information we can give, the better,” said Horry County Rising President April O’Leary. “People are looking for more information.”

O’Leary founded the group, Horry County Rising because she saw how many families were impacted by flooding in the county. Including her family, when Hurricane Florence forced water into their home.

“It really changed our financial trajectory,” said O’Leary. “We lost all the savings we’d put aside for our children’s college education.”

After hearing stories like O’Leary’s, Horry County went to work trying to come up with some flood mitigation efforts.

“Really wanted to dig into the data, hear from community members, and build a more resilient Horry County moving forward,” said Horry County Public Information Director Kelly Moore.

The county put those comments and data together to launch the “Map your Move” app.

The app has multiple layers users can toggle on and off that show nearby schools, public safety buildings and hospitals.

But the focus of the app is to show the flood risks in various areas throughout the county.

It has layers for the current and proposed FEMA flood zones, the supplemental flood zone the county is working on and roads that were closed during recent hurricanes.

“This is a starting place,” said Moore. “This was not designed to tell you if a property you’re considering is good or bad, it’s just to give you some situational awareness about what’s going on around that property so you can make the best decision.”

O’Leary said one of Horry County Rising’s goals is to keep people from investing in properties that could flood, so this app will help them accomplish that.

“Knowing where it floods is half the battle, so knowing what areas are at risk is half the battle,” said O’Leary.

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