Brookgreen Gardens hosts labyrinth walk focused on finding inner peace

Brookgreen Gardens hosts unity and diversity walk

MURRELLS INLET, S.C. (WMBF) - With the recent news of mass shootings across the country and more violence towards one another, many people are overwhelmed, stressed and tired.

Because of this, staff and volunteers at Brookgreen Gardens are offering a local solution to practice finding inner peace in an effort to spark outward change.

The gardens held a unity and diversity walk Saturday, where nearly 100 people walked through a labyrinth.

All while reflecting, and searching for answers.

“It’s up to the people, it’s up to us, to find something within us to heal this nation,” said Frank Haggart, a volunteer at the gardens. “The labyrinth is an opportunity, it’s a path where we thirst for peace.”

Staff and volunteers hope the ancient practice, aimed at finding inner and outer peace, helped those who participated find some relief from violent headlines.

“Our belief is that until you change what’s inside of you, it’s very difficult to change what’s outside of you,” said Laura Young, another Brookgreen volunteer.

If you missed Saturday’s event, Brookgreen Gardens plans to host an International Walk for Peace on May 1 as part of World Labyrinth Day.

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