Famous inhabitants of Murrells Inlet’s Goat Island make their return

Famous inhabitants of Murrells Inlet’s Goat Island make their return

MURRELLS INLET, S.C. (WMBF) – Goats on a boat are always a fascinating sight, and a small crowd gathered to be a part of the end of the famous animals’ journey back to Goat Island in Murrells Inlet.

On Thursday morning, the goats were loaded onto a pontoon boat for a short ride from the Murrells Inlet Marshwalk to the island where they’ll spend the next several months.

The owner of the island recently completed a newly-refurbished shelter for the goats to use.

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It’s a journey that Brett and Lisa Young are always excited to be a part of since moving to South Carolina from New Hampshire in 2019.

As excited as they were about the move, there was one thing holding them back.

“We didn’t want to leave our goats with just anybody,” said Lisa Young. “Ideally, we wanted to have them close by.”

The Youngs didn’t have space for their goats in their own backyard, so they gave the owner of Goat Island a call.

“Al was kind enough to adopt the goats onto the island for us so we could have them when we got here,” said Brett Young.

Now, the Youngs help out every year when it’s time to drop the goats off at the island.

It also means they get to spend a little more time with Frodo, who’ve they’ve had for eight years.

“How many goats do you know have a summer home and a winter home,” said Lisa Young. “They have their vacation home for the summer and their other pad for the winter, and all the hush puppies they can eat.”

Frodo has a job to do while he’s on Goat Island.

The goats maintain the grass and function as natural lawnmowers, while also entertaining anyone who comes down to the Marshwalk.

That includes the Youngs, who can check on Frodo any time they like.

“Just a beautiful place to begin with and the goats make it that much more special,” said Brett Young.

Frodo and the other four goats got right to work munching on the grass, perhaps stress eating after their trailer and boat ride.

They’ll have several months to keep that grass in check, and will be on the island for people to see through November.

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