House of Hope Tiny Home Village in Pee Dee taking shape; more work to be done

House of Hope Tiny Home Village in Pee Dee taking shape, but more work to be done

FLORENCE, S.C. (WMBF) - Within the last few months, the House of Hope Tiny Home Village has gone from an empty lot to a lot of tiny properties under construction.

While construction is moving along now, House of Hope Executive Director Bryan Braddock said they had some initial delays.

“We had bad dirt, and I’d never heard of bad dirt, so we had to replace all of the dirt on-site and replace it with sand clay, so that took us a lot longer on the infrastructure process,” Braddock said.

Getting donors for the tiny homes hasn’t been an issue, but House of Hope still needs help with infrastructure costs.

Braddock said they plan to have a playground, fencing and other amenities in the tiny neighborhood.

“The infrastructure costs, since we had to replace the dirt on the site is about $300,000 more than we originally expected, so we’re still raising money for that along with the furnishing and operational cost of the home,” Braddock said.

While there’s still work to do, Braddock said it’s exciting just to see the construction.

Families in need will reside in the homes while getting their lives back on track.

“We’re going to phase it out, Phase One and Phase Two, and we’d like to have Phase One completed with half of the homes operational by the end of the year, it would be a great Christmas present for 12 or 13 families,” Braddock said.

Braddock has watched this project grow from the beginning. As he walked around the construction site, he can’t help but imagine the day families make the tiny houses their home.

“Just to see a mother and her children walking into that home, and just to see that tension, you know how you walk into your home and shut the door and your shoulders drop, you’re in your place, to see that is going to be a very emotional experience,” Braddock said.

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