Explorin’ With Loren: Murrells Inlet known as SC’s ‘seafood capital’

Seafood Capital of South Carolina
Updated: Mar. 30, 2021 at 6:07 PM EDT
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MURRELLS INLET, S.C. (WMBF) - Murrells Inlet is an area known to be the seafood capital of South Carolina and has an interesting motto that some folks believe no longer fits the bill.

“Murrells Inlet is a quaint little fishing town with a drinking problem,” Chris Conklin said.

“I don’t think of it like that. I think Murrells Inlet is just beautiful,” Summer Heise said.

Most folks agree the area once known as a fishing village has blossomed into a scenic hotspot for locals and tourists, relishing in good food and fun.

If you’re looking for fresh seafood to buy, it doesn’t get any fresher at Seven Seas Seafood Market.

“We’ve been in business for 36 years,” Conklin said. “We own our own fleet of fishing boats so our fishermen are fishing right off the coast here and they make weekly trips usually, so there’s always stuff coming in fresh.”

Conklin, owner of Seven Seas, said his market is known for grouper, scallops, blue crabs and oysters that are thoroughly washed and ready to eat.

“Our slogan is from the boat to your throat,” he said.

Seven Seas Seafood Market is open seven days a week.


Taste some of that fresh fish at Drunken Jack’s Restaurant and Lounge, a staple on the Marshwalk since 1979.

“Drunken Jack’s is actually not named because the owner is Jack and he’s drunk. It’s named after a legend of a pirate named Jack,” Heise said.

The seafood and steak restaurant prides itself on several dishes including the Drunken Jack’s sampler appetizer that has blackened beef tips with bacon-wrapped shrimps and scallops. It’s also known for the flounder inlet po’boy and a grouper royale with crab meat. Not to mention their fresh hushpuppies.

The restaurant also has a view of its secluded island just for goats, who were once there to only maintain the landscape.

“They were such a natural conversation piece, like is that a saltwater deer? What is that? And then they just became such a great thing to see. People wanted to come see them all the time,” Heise said.

You can catch the goats roaming Goat Island from April to November.


All aboard the Pirate Adventures of Myrtle Beach to have some fun on an interactive boat trip through Murrells Inlet.

“This boat is all about the kids. They get to be part of the crew, they get to pull up a treasure chest, fight a bad pirate with water cannons. It’s really a neat opportunity for young children and their families,” owner Sean Bond said.

Bond took us for a ride on the 40-foot-long pirate ship to show off its bells and whistles and fired off the cannons before we collected our treasure. It’s a great way to end the day.

“It’s great to see all these people out here enjoying the water and just the area we have to offer,” Bond said.


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