Georgetown County welcomes more students back for traditional learning

Georgetown County Full-time Learning Return

GEORGETOWN COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - Georgetown County elementary and intermediate schools are going back to class full-time for traditional learning beginning Monday, March 1.

In addition, Georgetown County middle and high schools are switching to hybrid plus on Monday, which is four days of in-person learning.

“Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday A group and B group students will begin attending class together,” superintendent Keith Price said. “For one week, they’ll still have that asynchronous day on Wednesday to give our middle and high schools a chance to take a mid-week break and to say ‘how’s this going, what do we need to rethink?’”

The middle and high schools will switch to full-time starting March 8.

Price said elementary and intermediate principals had a day to share ‘lessons learned’ with middle and high school principals about more days in the classrooms. Price said he does expect adjustments, but the discussion helps to create ideas for the transition.

He also mentioned students aren’t returning without safety precautions, including mandatory masks, social distancing, cleaning, contact tracing and sanitizing.

Price spoke about the about the challenges he expects as more students go back to class full-time.

“Masks are mandatory but now we’re going to have twice as many students to continue to monitor for proper mask wearing,” he said. “Social distancing is a lot easier when you only have half your of students, so as more students come back in it’s going to take more efforts for folks to get used to not having the same amount of elbow room up to this point.”

Price said elementary and intermediate schools have worked on the four days a week of traditional learning since the beginning of February. Some of the adjustments they’ve learned over the month include traffic patterns in the hallways, arrival and departures procedures and adjustments to lunch locations.

The only difference starting this week for the elementary and intermediate schools is they will no longer have the Wednesday virtual day.

All of the changes are for students who are enrolled in hybrid or hybrid plus. Students enrolled in the virtual program will continue as scheduled.

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