Deputies out helping residents, pets as Lumber River rises above flood stage in Robeson County

Lumber River over flood level

ROBESON COUNTY, N.C. (WMBF) – Robeson County officials are warning residents about ponding and flooding on roadways due to heavy rainfall.

“We’re just asking people to use common sense, we’ve been through some major floods here before and I think everyone knows what to expect, this one won’t be that kind of flood situation but people in these low lying areas really need to pay attention,” said Robeson County Sheriff Burnis Wilkins.

According to information from Robeson County Government, the Lumber River is over the flood level as of Thursday morning, with more rain and thunderstorms expected throughout the day and into Friday.

The forecast changed from moderate to major severity for the Lumber River near Lumberton, while also changing from minor to moderate severity for the Lynches River at Effingham affecting Florence County in South Carolina, a Facebook post from the Robeson County Government stated.

The Robeson County Sheriff’s Office began checking on residents and helping people evacuate from the flood water late Thursday morning. The river is forecast to hit major flood stage Friday night before cresting Saturday.

“Some of the water levels were coming up here in some of the low lying areas in the county, particularly on the east side of Robeson County,” said Wilkins. “But also we’re checking some areas in the west side as we speak, but we’ve already deployed some of our high water rescue vehicles, and SUVs, and deputies to check on these folks.”

Concerned citizens notified the sheriff’s office a dog was loose and splashing through the flooded roads. Deputies were able to use a high water tactical vehicle to rescue the dog and return it to safety.

“As you just saw we just rescued a dog here in a yard where a lot of people had pointed it out on Facebook, so we’re utilizing social media to have people alert us to anyone who needs assistance or needs to get out of a residence,” said Wilkins.

Wilkins later said the dog was not tied or chained when they found it. Deputies later transported the dog to an animal hospital where it got a warm bath and updated shots.

Major flooding is in the forecast for next week after a steady level through the end of the week.

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