Second semester underway with more students in Horry County Schools classrooms

Second semester underway with more students in Horry County Schools classrooms

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - Horry County Schools has officially completed a full semester with the new pandemic learning structure.

Students went back to school to start the second semester Monday.

Families are used to having the winter break between semesters, but in this unusual year, they only had a weekend.

The start of the semester was pushed back because the first semester started later this year.

The district is still compiling enrollment numbers, but it currently expects about 2,200 more students in the brick-and-mortar structure to start the new semester. That could change a little because the district hasn’t accounted for recently transferred in students.

Starting next week, elementary school students enrolled in the brick-and-mortar option will return to the classroom five days a week.

Middle and high school students will slowly return to the traditional structure as the schools finish getting plexiglass installed. Myrtle Beach Middle School is one of the schools that will have plexiglass installed this week.

Kendra Pennington, who teaches eighth grade at Myrtle Beach Middle School, has been quarantining because of close contact with a COVID-19 positive person. She has concerns about heading back into the classroom full-time.

“Being back at 100% capacity, other than the kids who are virtual, it does make me worry. We’re already so short on subs, I can’t imagine whole teams of teachers having to be out because of contact, so we’ll see.”

Horry County Schools provided us some updated enrollment numbers for the start of this new semester.

Officials said 893 students switched from brick-and-mortar to virtual, and more than 3,132 students decided to go back to the classroom from virtual instruction.

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