’He was always a friendly face’: Conway community works to keep beloved man’s memory alive

’He was always a friendly face’: Conway community works to keep beloved man’s memory alive

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Sometimes simple gestures make the biggest impact.

That’s the case for one man who touched the hearts of many in the Conway community.

Mr. Herman Days passed away Friday due to health issues. He was 69 years old.

Days came to be affectionally known as “The Waving Man” around town.

“We were on Fourth Avenue day in and day out and he was always a friendly face,” Michael Hedges said.

If you’ve ever driven along Fourth Avenue in Conway, chances are you’ve seen Days sitting on a bench in front of his home as he smiled and waved at people passing by.

The simple gesture is all it took to make someone’s day.

On Monday, the bench was covered with flowers, ribbons, as well as a picture of what Days did best: sitting and waving.

“He just really enjoyed sitting on the bench just waving to people,” Tania Appel said.

That’s how many came to know Days and adore him as “The Waving Man.”

“He was the sweetest soul I’ve ever met,” Appel said.

“Young children would ask their parents to drive out of their way just so the children could wave at him,” Daved Kinard said.

However, before he was known as the man who waves, growing up he was known as a protector to his brother, Harry Days.

“He made sure that I stayed out of trouble and no one took advantage of me,” Harry said.

Harry said he’s not surprised about the impact his brother had on the community. He said he’s always had a wholesome spirit.

“Loved helping and loved giving, loved sharing with the community... a very bright heart,” Harry said.

That bright heart is why Kinard, who owns The Daisy Fair in Conway, said Days was awarded Hometown Hero last year.

“Our Facebook page blew up,” Kinard said. “It by far got the most responses.”

Since Days passing, Kinard set up a fund to go toward a memorial in his honor.

Many are calling for a statue to be made to immortalize “The Waving Man”.

“The perfect way to do it is a statue of a man sitting on a bench waving,” Appel said.

“I don’t think he ever had an idea how much that small gesture made,” Kinard said.

If you would like to donate to Days’ memorial fund, you can stop by any Conway National Bank branch. The account is under the Herman Days Memorial fund.

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