What is that noise? Loud, rumbling noises heard around Myrtle Beach airport

VIDEO: Loud noise heard near Myrtle Beach airport

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) – A loud sound near the Myrtle Beach airport had many people concerned on Monday night.

WMBF News received several messages from viewers, asking about a large, wave-like sound passing over the sky.

People in the Socastee area and near Palmetto Pointe Boulevard reported hearing the sound, including a couple of WMBF News employees.

Scanner reports indicated that jet engine tests were being performed on the non-commercial side of the Myrtle Beach airport.

We have reached out to officials at the Myrtle Beach airport to see if they can provide us with more information on what was being done out at the airport. We are waiting to hear back.

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