From mullets to wrestling: How CCU’s social media tries to capture the football team’s persona

How CCU’s social media tries to capture the football team’s persona

CONWAY, S.C. (WMBF) - As Coastal Carolina’s football team prepares for their bowl game on Saturday, another department at the school is busy right alongside them.

The athletic department’s social media team has done its best to capture the football team’s personality.

“Sometimes you forget that you’re running the main account for a pretty large university in the area,” said Alex Souza, CCU’s Assistant Athletic Director for Digital Initiatives. “You kind of think it’s just you tweeting, but it’s pretty cool to see people pick up on the things you put out there.”

Souza has helped build the social media accounts for the school’s athletic department since 2015.

Much of that development happened when the baseball team started winning in 2016 - and never really stopped winning all the way to the national championship.

“That’s where I first learned, in ’16, is to take on the persona of the team, and that will grow what you’re doing on social, because it’s almost like they’re tweeting,” said Souza.

Souza said he has taken that mentality to the football team this year.

The football team has a bit of a thing for professional wrestling, as seen in the post-game celebrations, which was good news for Souza.

“That’s what I grew up watching, and we take on the persona of the bad boys of the Sun Belt, let’s play on that and see if I can mimic something from those wrestling days that I love,” said Souza.

While Souza creates the videos and graphics that shape the team’s image on social, Assistant Athletic Director for Media Relations Kevin Davis keeps his ear to the ground with the players.

“They understand the impact social media’s had on our success, and they appreciate the stuff we’re putting out,” said Davis. “They let me know if it worked or didn’t work.”

Souza and Davis may not make the flashy plays on the field, but they are doing their part to make sure this team doesn’t go unnoticed.

“They’re the athletes,” said Souza. “They’re the stars. The coaches are doing the work, but if we can mimic them in any way and come up with a cool new graphic or something, that makes our job more fun.”

Souza said one of his favorite projects this year was going around campus to make a video of people correctly pronouncing “chanticleer.”

He explained that the department was tired of hearing it mispronounced more and more as the team gained traction, and the video did pretty well on Twitter.

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