Option to switch Horry County students from brick-and-mortar to virtual begins Dec. 15

Horry County Schools students can switch back to virtual learning

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - The option to switch Horry County students from the traditional brick-and-mortar classroom setting to virtual learning starts Dec. 15.

Parents and guardians with students in the traditional setting now should receive an email with the option to switch.

In the email, there’s a link to a commitment form for students to transfer. Families will have until midnight on Dec. 22 to complete the form. If families have multiple students they want to transfer, they must fill out a form for every child in the household.

Parent Tiffany Thomas has one child who will remain in the virtual program. She said he’s doing really well mentally and academically. However, her oldest will switch back to the classroom for the second semester.

“It’s sad for us as parents to see her so unhappy because of stressing about school,” Thomas said. “She’s a straight-A student and never had issues like this before.”

Thomas and parent Kristen Saurini both said mental struggles with virtual learning is one reason they’ve decided to do the opposite switch, sending their child back to the classroom.

“Unfortunately, the program isn’t how it was presented to us so both of my children are struggling academically and mentally. They miss seeing their friends and kind of the schedule, the school schedule and just going to school,” Saurini said.

When virtual children head back to the classroom, the rooms won’t look as they remember. Horry County Schools is in the process of adding plexiglass workshops for students.

Saurini said even though her children will return to a new type of classroom with the plexiglass, she’s ready to give it a try.

“I’m a little bit worried but at the same time at least he’s going to see his friends and friendly faces, and all kids are going to be going through it together,” she said.

The deadline to switch children from virtual learning to brick and mortar has passed. However, if families would like more information about the opposite switch, brick and mortar to virtual learning, visit the link here.

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