CCU students, alumni gear up ahead of the Chants’ first-ever ‘College GameDay’ appearance

CCU students and alumni gear up ahead of 'College GameDay'

CONWAY, S.C. (WMBF) - Sitting prominently on top of Brooks Stadium, the final touches were put on the College GameDay set at Coastal Carolina University Friday afternoon.

Fans, students and alumni couldn’t be more ready for the Chants to take on their toughest game yet.

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“When I first heard the game got switched, I got a little nervous,” freshman Sean Campbell said.

A Myrtle Beach native, Campbell said having GameDay on campus feels even more special. He said he was able to snag tickets for Saturday night’s game.

For 2018 graduate Liam Barry, coming back to Coastal for College GameDay feels surreal.

“I was here when they had the grass field back in the day and the small bleachers. Now here we are ranked nationally, playing BYU, biggest game ever in program history,” Barry said.

Barry said when he first found out about College GameDay coming to Coastal, he couldn’t believe it, but knew he had to be here.

“I texted every one of my friends from Coastal to come down and come to the game. I got a few,” Barry said.

Because of COVID-19, the typical ESPN College GameDay set up looks different for the Chants first time hosting. ESPN selected a few fans to be a part of the show, while everyone else can participate virtually.

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But for students and alumni, the excitement of having College GameDay come for their biggest game ever, in an unprecedented season as the Chants are 9-0, is big enough in itself.

“It makes me so proud, I couldn’t be any more proud to graduate and go to college here,” Barry said.

The game is set for a 5:30 p.m. kickoff airing on ESPNU.

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