Salvation Army of the Pee Dee needs help from community as Christmas approaches

Salvation Army of the Pee Dee needs help from community as Christmas approaches

FLORENCE, S.C. (WMBF) - Things are looking a little empty in the Salvation Army of the Pee Dee’s warehouse this Christmas season.

“Right after Thanksgiving, we’re usually flooded. The side that’s empty is full of bicycles and each tag has a bag that’s full of gifts,” said Business Administrator Heather Steverson.

Due to the pandemic, Steverson said the Salvation Army of the Pee Dee is supporting more people than ever, including children through their Angel Tree Program.


They’re providing Christmas assistance to nearly 900 children in the Pee Dee, which is a 30% increase from years past, and many Angel Trees are still unadopted.

“Each one of these tags behind me represents a family with one or multiple children, and right now we have 150 angels who’ve not been adopted,” said Steverson.

By Adopting an Angel, you pledge to provide Christmas gifts to a child in need in the community.

There’s still time to adopt, but Steverson asks the gifts be delivered by Dec. 11. There’s still another way you can help. The empty stocking fund.

“What that money allows us to do is for all the angels who aren’t adopted, we’re able to purchase toys and fill items for those children,” said Steverson.

Steverson said this time last year, the empty stocking fund had raised $30,000 in individual donations. This year they’ve raised $15,000 total.

“We’re seeing the differences and the impact on our community, and we’re remaining here to fill in that gap as best we can,” said Steverson.

If you don’t want to Adopt an Angel or donate to the Empty Stocking Fund, there’s still another way to help.

“If you want to purchase an extra toy, or outfit, or coat, we encourage those donations as well anything helps us fill these bags,” said Steverson.

Donations can also be dropped off at the Salvation Army of the Pee Dee at 2210 Hoffmeyer Rd.

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