Online shopping safety tips for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday Safety

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - As many spend Cyber Monday searching for an online deal, some scammers are using the time to hunt for your personal information.

The Better Business Bureau refers to this time of the year as “scam-mas,” with scammers upping their game.

Renee Wikstrom with the BBB said if you’re online shopping for Cyber Monday, or any time of this holiday season, you have a high chance of someone trying to scam you.

Wikstrom said to expect to see scams in the form of pop-ups on social media and emails, which is exactly what you’ll want to avoid.

She added one way scammers can get you is to send pop-ups with an ad to something you might have searched for previously.

Her biggest piece of advice is to go to the real store’s website to shop.

“It only takes one time to be scammed,” Wikstrom said. “We really at the BBB want people to be aware that it’s happening this year more than ever. We’re seeing scams, hearing about scams all over the country, it’s just so sad. You can get just lulled into these scams.”

Wikstrom added to avoid shopping on public WiFi. Scammers can be anywhere at any time, so shop from a secure online connection.

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