MYR sees planes full of holiday travelers on day before Thanksgiving

MYR passengers share thoughts of traveling during pandemic

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - Flights arrived nearly every 15 minutes at Myrtle Beach International Airport for several hours of the late morning and early afternoon the day before Thanksgiving.

WMBF News caught up with several passengers to see what the busy travel day was like during the pandemic.

“We’re not going anywhere for Christmas,” said Coley Howard, who flew in from New Jersey. “We’re going to be in New Jersey. We’re going to stay put and that will be that. This is going to be the one trip we take for a while.”

Howard has been planning to visit his in-laws for Thanksgiving for months now. To be extra cautious, his family wore masks and face shields on their flight from New Jersey to Myrtle Beach.

“We’re going to an isolated experience here in Myrtle Beach, and the same will be true on the way back,” he said. “We’re trying to take every precaution we can.”

While the Howards were arriving, the Woodsons were heading home to Texas to have an immediate-family-only dinner after spending a pre-Thanksgiving vacation in Myrtle Beach.

They say the flight well ahead of Thanksgiving wasn’t too packed.

“Actually our flight was pretty good,” said Rod Woodson. “Behind me, there was no one behind me. Someone was in front, but it was pretty socially-distanced coming down.”

Some passengers arriving the day before Thanksgiving had a slightly different experience.

“I was surprised to see the packed flights,” said Kourtney Chism, who flew in from Tennessee. “I thought we’d be a little more separated or spaced out, but they were pretty packed in there. That was a little uneasy.”

For Dalaisha Cross, it was actually her first time flying. Although she was nervous, Cross said she forced herself to be mindful of the pandemic the whole time.

“Just remembering, whenever you touch something,” she said. “I’m wiping my hands down and using sanitizer, just paranoid a little bit.”

Another pair of travelers said their flight from Houston was also crowded, but they saw flight attendants constantly wiping things down. It helped put them at ease heading into Thanksgiving dinner.

“It’s really exciting,” said Angelina Naspretto, who flew in from Texas. “I’ve never been to Myrtle Beach before, so it’s fun to come visit. This is my second time in a month, so we like it here.”

It’s worth noting this is the first major holiday since the airport installed contactless boarding pass scanners.

Instead of handing over your boarding pass and ID, you simply scan them to avoid as much possible contact as possible.

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