Grand Strand restaurants preparing to serve last-minute rushes for Thanksgiving

Grand Strand restaurants preparing to serve last-minute rushes for Thanksgiving

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) — The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to re-examine their Thanksgiving travel plans, which means many are scrambling to try and create a last-minute turkey day meal instead.

When it comes to that meal, however, businesses want families to know there’s another option on the table.

Several restaurants across the Grand Strand, including Damon’s Oceanfront Grill, will be open on Thanksgiving because not even a pandemic will stop them from serving their community on such an important day.

For Damon’s, being open on Thanksgiving Day is now an over 30-year tradition that won’t stop because of a pandemic.

Employees said they’ve been preparing for a potential rush of customers for over a week and are ready to feed families who may have made the choice to stay home and are now limited with cooking options.

“It been a team effort, we each have a position to do and we each take that role and run with it,” said Michael Robertson, director of operations at Damon’s. “We’ve added eight air scrubbers, they’re in the air conditioning units and they sanitize the air before it comes into the restaurant. W also sanitize and disinfect each morning with an electrostatic sanitation system and that goes 360 degrees, all around the restaurant it sanitizes.”

Robertson also said the business is fully prepared to keep people safe so their families can enjoy a hearty Thanksgiving meal.

Not all restaurants will be open on Thanksgiving Day, instead preparing for the possible Black Friday and Small Business Saturday rush of customers.

Ted Hammerman, who owns Mr. Fish Restaurant, said while his establishment will not be open, business has been going well thanks to those in need of Thanksgiving dishes. He added that he’s happy his staff was able to help them with a seafood stuffing for families, not knowing people would rush to the business to purchase it.

“You know we’ve never been open for Thanksgiving, it never happened,” said Hammerman. “[However], there’s been a lot of prep, our market is very busy. From day one, our restaurant has always been proactive, on masks and gloves throughout the restaurant. We’re ready for anything. We’re ready to rock and roll, we’re here for your fishy pleasure.”

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