Community center helps hundreds of families have food for Thanksgiving

Community center helps hundreds of families have food for Thanksgiving

LONGS, S.C. (WMBF) - Even with Thanksgiving right around the corner, one Grand Strand group is doing what they can to help their own neighbors in need.

Volunteers with Spokes of Hope hand out food each and every week, but Wednesday’s event was special.

Shane Zoccole, who manages the Spokes of Hope Community Center in Longs, said hundreds of families will now have food on the table this Thanksgiving.

“Our hearts we’re pulled to make sure everyone gets some food here before Thanksgiving,” said Zoccole. “We’re excited to help people. That’s what we do. Help people.”

Over 1,000 boxes of food were handed out Wednesday, as volunteers from churches across Horry County came to volunteer.

Ricky Burns has worked with the group since Hurricane Florence and said he was reminded just how important today is while helping pass out food.

“He says ‘I got 35 dollars to go grocery shopping for this week and 4 people living there.’ It just blesses my heart,” said Burns after handing food to someone Wednesday.

Burns said at the end of the day what matters most is neighbors helping neighbors, so everyone can enjoy Thanksgiving a little bit easier.

“However you need help we just help we don’t ask what church you go to or are you a Christian, we just help,” Burns said.

The next distribution event will be on Dec. 4 at the Spokes of Hope location at 1111 Hwy. 9 in Longs.

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