Hartsville looks to the future with 2030 development plan

Leaders discuss Hartsville 2030 plan

HARTSVILLE, S.C. (WMBF) - Downtown Hartsville has become a vibrant area with shopping, restaurants and entertainment venues.

For more than a decade, city leaders developed the area into what it is today, and now they’re looking at the next steps in the city’s progression.

“We want to continue the downtown being an awesome place to come, but we want to expand it out now,” said Community Development Director Shannon Munoz.

The city will hold its final reading and public hearing on Hartsville’s 2030 plan on Jan. 12.

Munoz is looking forward to the next steps.

“For me personally, where I’d like to see it over the next ten years. More infill housing, more development and expanding our downtown into the canal district,” said Munoz.

Infill housing means turning vacant lots into new housing or converting existing structures into housing units.

As far as the canal district, an 11-acre area adjacent to downtown, chair of the Hartsville Planning Commission, Nancy McGee, said it’s a great space for the next stage in downtown expansion.

“An opportunity for us to grow our downtown with both businesses and residences and an opportunity to feed our downtown with additional customers,” said McGee.

This isn’t the only thing on the agenda in Hartsville’s 2030 plan. McGee said Hartsville has great city parks, and they hope to use those parks to grow access across the city.

“Establish bike trails and walking trails and some of it will be sidewalks that are already there, but to accommodate people walking from one park to another which won’t only connect the recreational facilities, but will connect various neighborhoods in the community,” said McGee.

While the city of Hartsville plans to see more development in the future, Munoz said there are several reasons the city made it this far, but one thing stands out.

“We have Coker University here, we have Sonoco products here, we have some homegrown businesses here, North Industrial Machine, and many others, but it’s the people. They’re constantly looking for new things to do and bring here to Hartsville,” said Munoz.

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