With CCU football games selling out, ticket prices skyrocket on StubHub

With CCU football games selling out, ticket prices skyrocket on StubHub

CONWAY, S.C. (WMBF) - The combination of coronavirus restrictions limiting access and the success of the Coastal Carolina University football team has led to skyrocketing ticket prices for Chanticleer football games on StubHub.

A StubHub spokesperson said Saturday’s showdown between CCU and Appalachian State had the highest average price of a ticket sold for CCU games on record.

That average price was about $172 per ticket. As of Friday morning, the cheapest tickets available on StubHub for Saturday’s game were $139, while the most expensive were $238.

Tickets with prices that high haven’t been sitting there unsold either.

“My one friend, he got a ticket because students are allowed to reserve, and he sold it for like $300,” CCU student Geya DiGennaro said. “It’s crazy, and it actually sold.”

Students said they’re having a tough time getting tickets as well. Their tickets are free, but they get an email with a link to tickets and they’re first come, first serve, but the tickets are going fast.

“They sell out so fast,” CCU student Taylor Bruneau said. “Like you have to go right as they open. One time I missed it by like 10 minutes, and they were already sold out, so I had to buy it off my friend.”

The tickets to the Dec. 5 game against Liberty also sold out Friday morning. Those ticket prices are even higher on StubHub than the Appalachian State game tickets.

The cheapest tickets available as of Friday morning were $206, and the most expensive were selling for $288.

Whether students watch the games at Brooks Stadium or at home or at a bar, they still love the energy on campus as CCU reaches its highest ranking in the AP poll ever.

“It’s crazy, especially like when you can hear it from the stadium when you’re walking to your car just like on campus. It’s awesome being able to experience it even if you’re not at the game,” CCU student Shayna Johnson said.

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