Over 100 FSD2 students, staff under quarantine, but confirmed COVID-19 cases remain low

Over 100 FSD2 students, staff under quarantine, but confirmed COVID-19 cases remain low

PAMPLICO, S.C. (WMBF) - Florence School District 2 has 98 students and seven faculty members under quarantine, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve tested positive for COVID-19.

Actually, a very small percentage of the school district is COVID-19 positive.

No high school students or staff are currently positive.

And less than five students and less than five staff members from the elementary-middle school are currently positive for COVID-19.

So why are there 98 students and 7 staff members under quarantine?

“Quarantine means someone may have come in contact with someone who’s positive or there may have been a potential exposure,” said Superintendent Neil Vincent.

Vincent said they’re following DHEC’s guidelines to determine close contact with someone who is confirmed COVID-19 positive: within six feet for more than 15 minutes.

“We have two full-time nurses here who do contact tracing for the two schools, so what they do when they’re aware of the positive, they talk with the person who’s sick and find out who was in close contact,” said Vincent.

The students and staff identified as being in close contact with a person who has been confirmed positive, whether at school, home, or in the community are quarantined as a precaution.

Out of the 98 students currently under quarantine, over 50 are expected to return to the classroom next Monday after fulfilling the DHEC requirements.

Vincent said 20 of these students came in close contact with the virus during an after-school program and the other 30 came in contact during a weightlifting class.

When dealing with the coronavirus, Vincent feels it’s better to be safe than sorry.

“We’re going to err on the side of, we may send more kids home and have a higher number of kids in quarantine receiving virtual instruction versus having another exposure due to a close contact,” said Vincent.

All students under quarantine were switched to the district’s virtual academy until they can return to school.

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