Community helps Myrtle Beach inn owner after storms rip off roof

Published: Nov. 13, 2020 at 8:34 PM EST
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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C (WMBF) – The community came together on Friday to help the owner of a Myrtle Beach inn after it suffered major damage from storms that moved across the Grand Strand and the Pee Dee.

On Thursday, strong winds blew a portion of the roof off of the Midtown Inn & Cottages on 8th Avenue North.

Midtown Inn owner Jaret Hucks saw most of his roof hanging off the inland side when he pulled into his motel Friday morning.

While he waits for repairs to be done, he thinks he can stay open, and he got a little bit of help to do just that.

“I came up here and it was bad," said Hucks. "Debris was flying everywhere, my truck was rocking in the wind, and it took the roof off.”

Hucks just replaced the roof at Midtown Inn after Hurricane Matthew ripped it off in 2016.

In 2018, the motel held up through Hurricane Florence, and Hucks opened some rooms as temporary homes for those displaced by flooding.

It’s kind acts like that that kept Jaret from having to look too far for help when his roof was ripped off again.

“Anytime our ministry needs help with recoveries for people that need to get off the street or help them get home, Jaret opens up his motel to our ministry," said Sunshine Recovery Ministries Pastor Tim Carter. "We’ve got one or two here now.”

Sunshine Recovery Ministries is working on opening its own recovery house, but when Carter heard about what happened at the Midtown Inn, he paused construction for the day and sent his team to the motel to help Jaret in whatever way they could.

“Jaret’s heart is huge, and when anyone’s in need, Jaret’s always there," said Carter.

The damage is predominantly on the inland side of the hotel, and Hucks said he only had three guests staying on that side at the time, none of whom were hurt.

Two checked out Friday morning, and the other was moved to the ocean side where the roof is more intact.

Hucks had to shut down for a few months after Hurricane Matthew because of the roof and water damage.

Fortunately, the water damage from this storm wasn’t nearly as significant.

“When this happened, the rain quit almost immediately afterward," said Hucks. "So, once your roof leaves, there’s nothing to stop the rain from coming in. So that was awesome and a blessing. There’s your good karma right there.”

Several guests weathered the night and at least one isn’t planning on going anywhere.

“Unless they say we have to leave, I’d love to stay here, sure," said Nancy Stevens.

Hucks said he thinks he can stay open, but it will depend on the weather for the next few weeks.

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