MBPD announces new technology to help solve gun violence investigations

MBPD announces new technology to help solve gun violence investigations

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - The Myrtle Beach Police Department, along with other representatives from law enforcement agencies in Horry and Georgetown counties, gathered Tuesday to announce how new technology will help solve gun crimes.

MBPD will soon have access to the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN), which is a nationwide network that compares ballistic evidence to find connections in crimes.

When a gun is fired, it leaves a unique marking on the shell casings.

NIBIN analyzes the mark on the shell casings to determine whether the gun that fired the shot has been used in other crimes.

“The technology and the crime gun intelligence model that we’re bringing to the Grand Strand here is something that without a doubt will have an impact on violent crime in this area," said Assistant Special Agent in Charge Brian Mein with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

The technology will be based at MBPD, but law enforcement agencies all throughout the 15th Circuit, which includes Horry and Georgetown counties, will be able to use it.

“This is significantly going to make a difference with gun violence,” Myrtle Beach Police Chief Amy Prock said.

Authorities said not only will the technology help give police leads early on in investigations it will also help the solicitor’s office during the prosecuting phase.

“I guarantee you there are weapons that are sitting up there today on shelves in evidence, and we have no idea the number of murders, robberies that they’ve been involved in,” 15th Circuit Solicitor Jimmy Richardson said. “This will change all of that.”

Once the technology is installed at MBPD, it will be the fourth agency in South Carolina with it. Nationwide, more than 200 law enforcement agencies use NIBIN.

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