South Carolina, Horry County see rise in voter turnout during 2020 election

South Carolina, Horry County see rise in voter turnout during 2020 election
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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WMBF) – The South Carolina Elections Commission officially has all 46 counties reporting 100% of their election results.

Horry County was the last remaining county to submit 100% of its ballots. A malfunction with a USB device forced Horry County election officials to rescan thousands of absentee ballots and submit them to the state. Around 5 p.m. Thursday, all ballots were rescanned and submitted.

The South Carolina Elections Commission website shows 71.7% of registered voters in the Palmetto State exercised their civic duty for the 2020 general election. It’s compared to 67.8% in 2016.

In Horry County, out of the 254,569 registered voters, 179,742 of them voted in the 2020 election, which means 70.6% submitted a ballot. It compares to 65.5% in 2016, where 134,228 ballots were cast out of 204,929 registered voters in the county.

Georgetown County had the highest voter turnout across the state at 78.2%, and Allendale County had the lowest at 62.5%.

Below is a breakdown of voter turnout numbers in our area, according to the South Carolina Election Commission results:

Horry County turnout: 70.61%

  • Registered voters: 254,569
  • Ballots cast: 179,742

Florence County turnout: 70.42%

  • Registered voters: 91,575
  • Ballots cast: 64,490

Georgetown County turnout: 78.27%

  • Registered voters: 47,196
  • Ballots cast: 36,940

Darlington County turnout: 72.36%

  • Registered voters: 45,109
  • Ballots cast: 32,643

Marlboro County turnout: 62.86%

  • Registered voters: 18,401
  • Ballots cast: 11,567

Dillon County turnout: 67.13%

  • Registered voters: 19,677
  • Ballots cast: 13,209

Marion County turnout: 68.13%

  • Registered voters: 21,828
  • Ballots cast: 14,872

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