Florence’s mayor-elect begins transition process, focuses on plans for city

Florence mayor-elect talks about transition process

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Florence’s mayor-elect said she hasn’t rested much since election night, but she’s already working to ensure a smooth transition and focusing on her plans as mayor of the city.

The city of Florence and Teresa Myers Ervin have a long relationship.

She was raised in Florence, attended school in Florence, served on the city council, and now she’ll be the leader of the city she has always called home.

“I chose to stay home here, and I loved it and I’m grateful that I did stay here," said Myers Ervin.

As she begins the transition, Myers Ervin sat down with current Mayor Stephen Wukela and City Manager Randy Osterman following the election.

Myers Ervin has worked with Wukela for the last decade, and she hopes to use him as a resource going forward.

“I look at it like this, we’ve had ten wonderful years working together, and I’ve learned a lot from him and he’s learned a lot from me, so I’ll count him as a resource like I will all of the leadership in Florence," said Myers Ervin.

Myers Ervin said her first step as Florence’s mayor will be to guide the city out of the COVID-19 pandemic and assist the people and businesses heavily impacted by the virus.

Another priority is economic development. Myers Ervin played a key role in the development of Downtown Florence and she wants to continue that growth throughout the city.

“Eyes are going to be on me, to see what is she going to do, and I want them to understand that she’s going to continue to press on and make this a better and greater city," said Myers Ervin.

Myers Ervin’s election was historic as she became the first African American and woman to be elected as mayor of Florence.

She feels like her election shows a bright future for the city of Florence.

“When I see our city being able to do that by electing me I see we have a great future ahead of us which will afford opportunity to anyone who has the character and ability to do it and I believe that’ll be what makes our city a leading city," said Myers Ervin.

Myers Ervin said she’s thankful for the opportunity to serve as mayor, and she looks forward to working with the new city council and citizens to move Florence forward.

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