As North Carolina hangs in the balance, Election Day runs smoothly in one county

NC still hasn't declared a winner in race for White House

SCOTLAND COUNTY, N.C. (WMBF) - North Carolina is one of only a few states yet to be called in the race to the White House.

While votes continued to be tallied in parts of North Carolina, everything ran smoothly in Scotland County on election night.

It went so well, Scotland County Board of Elections Director Dell Parker said they were the first county in the state to send results to the state Board of Elections.

As for mail-in and absentee ballots, Parker said those weren’t a problem.

“We have absentee meetings throughout the election process, so we don’t have to wait until the day of or day before the election to start counting our absentee by mails. We just can’t start running our tabulation on those machines until election night," said Parker.

Parker said they began these meetings on Sep. 29.

They made sure each mail-in ballot complied with state election laws and they approved ballots at each individual meeting.

Despite the issues surrounding other parts of the state, Parker said they didn’t face too many challenges during the election.

“Other than dealing with the pandemic and following CDC guidelines, and I may be looking at things different than another director may, I didn’t find it that crazy," said Parker.

While there were more in-person early votes cast, Parker says the overall number of voters wasn’t much different than past general elections.

“We had about 14,727 people vote in this election through last night and back in 2008 we actually had 14,295 to vote in that presidential election, so we did have a few more voters come out and vote in this election but it wasn’t that many more," said Parker.

With the election in the books for Scotland County, Parker is thankful for the precinct officials who helped it run smoothly.

“What makes elections happen in every county is the precinct officials. Our precinct officials are the backbone of any election," said Parker.

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