Report: Trooper’s vehicle bumped into woman lying along Hwy. 501 in Conway area

Report: Trooper’s vehicle bumped into woman lying along Hwy. 501 in Conway area
(Source: WMBF)

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - A South Carolina Highway Patrol trooper bumped into a woman lying in the middle of the road with his state-issued vehicle, according to a traffic collision report obtained by WMBF Investigates.

WMBF News started investigating the accident after receiving several emails from viewers, asking us to look into the case.

The collision happened on Saturday, Sept. 30, shortly after 6 p.m. over on Highway 501 in Conway in front of the Walmart Supercenter.

South Carolina Highway Patrol Capt. Kelley Hughes said Master Trooper William Harman had been on the scene to assist other troopers with a previous collision and was helping with traffic control.

According to the report, Harman had been driving south, stopped at a median and then initiated a left turn. The report stated the car was moving at only about three miles per hour.

A woman was lying in the road in front of him and he didn’t see her, according to the Horry County Sheriff’s Office. His car made contact with the female pedestrian as a result. It’s not known at this time as to why she was there, to begin with.

Hughes confirmed that Harman is an officer with Troop Eight.

HCSO Lt. Sherri Smith said because it was not an intentional act, it didn’t rise past the level of a collision report.

Smith said the pedestrian was not run over completely but seemed to be bumped by the vehicle.

According to the traffic collision report, Harman was listed as contributing to the collision.

The woman was taken to the hospital to be checked out, but returned to the scene to give information to the responding officers, Smith said.

Hughes said because of the accidental nature of the case, Harman was given a counseling session “for not operating his state vehicle in a safe manner.”

The case is no longer under investigation.

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