Residents trying candy ‘chute,’ other alternatives for safe Halloween amidst COVID-19

Halloween candy 'chute' to help with social distancing

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - Witches, ghosts, and goblins - it must mean Halloween is right around the corner.

While some families plan to still trick-or-treat or trunk-or-treat, other families are getting creative by making alternatives to their traditional Halloween plans amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Some may trick-or-treat around the house or keep it simple with a movie and pumpkin carving. Julie Todd and her children will use glow-in-the-dark skulls to do an Easter egg hunt, Halloween style.

Julie Todd's alternative Halloween celebration
Julie Todd's alternative Halloween celebration (Source: wmbf)

Tidelands Health Dr. Gerald Harmon also recommended an idea like this and he has a few more for those who’d like to try something else.

“Think outside the pumpkin," Harmon said. "Do something else, carve the pumpkin but think what you can do with it. Have a pumpkin carving contests, watch a movie, not that scary movie for the youngest because you don’t want to have that bad memory to lead you to nightmares, but those are the things you need to do as an alternative.”

Some children also offered a Halloween safety reminder - stay safe, maintain social distancing, and stay away from those most vulnerable to COVID-19.

For those planning to trick-or-treat or pass out candy, one Grand Strand family created a device to help keep people socially distant.

Tara Forrest has two candy chutes to pass out candy. One is six feet apart while the other is 10 feet.

“The way COVID is going and how kids have been misplaced in schooling, everyday life, sports, hopefully parents will see we are trying to be courteous and trying not to spread germs and that way we will get more kids to come out and be out for Halloween," Forrest said.

People can make a simple version of a chute that takes minutes to complete.

Harmon suggests using an old wrapping paper tube to make one. He added that those who are planning to trick-or-treat should remember to maintain visibility, wear a mask, and keep a distance.

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