How to track your ballot as Election Day approaches

Late Absentee Ballots

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - Nearly 70 million Americans have already cast their ballot for the 2020 general election.

As of 5 p.m. Tuesday, 977,000 South Carolina ballots have been returned. Throughout the state, 615,000 ballots were issued or returned, and 464,000 mail-in ballots were returned.

So far in Horry County, around 85,000 absentee ballots were requested and around 70,000 absentee ballots were returned.

The deadline is quickly approaching to get votes in, and people can check the progress of their ballot by using the ballot tracker from the South Carolina Election Commission.

All you voters need to do is enter their first and last name, date of birth and last four digits of their social security.

Once the mail-in ballot gets to the hands of someone at the election office, there are several steps that are taken.

“We typically try to get them keyed in the same day but if it shows that it wasn’t returned, we can certainly check on it for them," Horry County Voter Registration and Election Director Sandy Martin said.

If people decide to drop off an absentee ballot in person, Martin said if they don’t see it’s been received right away on the tracker, it could be because that box of ballots hasn’t been processed yet.

She said people can always call to make sure.

Martin added it’s important to get ballots in on time because if it’s not, it doesn’t get counted.

If someone has requested an absentee ballot by mail but has yet to receive it, there are a few options to make sure the vote is counted.

The Horry County Elections Office can reissue a ballot, but here’s the downside. The ballot must be in the hands of election officials no later than 7 p.m. on election night, Nov. 3.

Martin said if someone is still waiting for the mail-in ballot, her recommendation is to come in person for absentee voting.

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Martin explained how adding new locations this year has helped meet the demand from voters.

“This year having our first off-site locations, I think it’s worked out really well," she said. "It’s certainly been a big help for us here in the office because had we not had those other three sites, everybody would have been here and I don’t think we could have handled the crowd here.”

In-person absentee voting ends on Monday, Nov. 2.

By-mail absentee ballots must be returned by Tuesday, Nov. 3.

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