Poll workers will not enforce local mask mandates as voters cast ballots

Poll workers can't enforce face masks

CONWAY, S.C. (WMBF) - Poll workers will not be enforcing any local mask ordinances during early voting or on Election Day.

State Elections Commission spokesperson Chris Whitmire said poll workers are put in place to uphold election laws and ensure voters can perform their right to vote.

“We are not directing and poll managers are not directing poll workers to enforce any local mask ordinances. Now with all that said, we would like to make clear, the State Election Commission strongly encourages voters to wear masks. Our poll managers are going to be wearing masks and face shields and gloves and they’re doing that for the protection of voters," Whitmire said

He added there’s no legislation requiring masks from the state level for voting.

Poll managers will not be able to turn anyone away for not wearing a mask.

“There’s no election law that wearing a mask is a prerequisite to vote. And poll managers are at poll managers to ensure that voters have the opportunity to vote and enforce and carry out state election law. So, poll managers, their job is not to enforce any local mask ordinances," he said.

However, both Whitmire and Horry County election officials say they are highly encouraging masks to be worn while voting, to keep people safe.

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