Trooper sideswipes motorcycle, tackles driver on Fla. interstate

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. (WPEC) - A high-speed chase and a dangerous takedown by troopers on I-95 in Florida was caught on video.

Troopers appeared to chase a motorcyclist, while hundreds of other riders participated in what they call a “charity ride out.”

A Florida Highway Patrol cruiser swerved to knock off the biker then one of the troopers tackles the rider to the ground.

It happened Sunday evening in Delray Beach, during a breast cancer awareness ride out.

Kyle James of West Palm Beach saw everything.

“I think he was at the wrong place at the wrong time, 100%,” he said.

Florida Highway Patrol did not immediately address the video. It’s unclear if they were targeting the driver they hit.

In one view, as the rider attempts to get back on, a trooper is seen charging towards him then leaping over the bike headfirst, taking the suspect down to the ground.

“I just think they rushed to the front of the pack, he was at the front, and he was one of the first people they got to, and was trying to run him off the road and he hit him,” James said.

James released video he says was from the charity ride. It shows riders doing wheelies and risky stunts.

He admitted they even ran red lights.

“I’m not trying to justify it at all. It’s not legal, no,” he said.

James says he’s aware of the consequences.

It’s been an issue for years in Palm Beach County, where law enforcement have ticketed riders who are driving off-road vehicles on public roads.

“We’re out there having fun, and sometimes the cops do get upset; sometimes looks like we’re getting out of hand, so they want to make a point,” James said. “But that’s now how you do it.”

The rider who got knocked down is OK. It’s unclear if he is facing any charges.

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