Firefighters ‘fired up’ about Truck School advanced training in Myrtle Beach

Firefighters ‘fired up’ about Truck School advanced training in Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - More than 30 firefighters from across the country will spend the week in Myrtle Beach learning new skills to keep people safe.

The Myrtle Beach Fire Department is hosting a training session with the Truck Company.

The Truck Company Ops Truck School helps firefighters improve on truck operations at a fire scene. Some of the main focus points are forcible entry, ladder techniques, search and rescue operations and ventilation.

During the training, firefighters are bursting through doorways, repelling through windows and throwing up ladders.

“The scenario we just did is forcible entry with no visibility," said Myrtle Beach firefighter Daniel Perez. "It’s a great scenario where you have to communicate with your partner and go back to the basics.”

Perez voluntarily signed up to be locked in a pitch-black room, where he had to create his own escape. It helps him to be ready if he ever gets stuck in a similar situation during a real escape.

“We’ve learned how to use our tools best suited for any situation where a structure might be fortified, and effectively get through it, get to our objective which is to save a life, save property," said Perez.

Truck Company Ops owner Palmer Record said the advanced skills learned during Truck School can help firefighters move forward in their careers, such as landing them on a specialty unit.

“You go through recruit school, you get certified," said Truck Company Ops Owner Palmer Record. "That is, you’re basically putting water on the fire, forcing some doors, doing searches, but it’s giving you the bare minimum. Truck Company cultures more of an advanced skill.”

For Perez, the training helped remind him why he became a firefighter in the first place.

“After calls, and after helping Myrtle Beach members, it’s an amazing feeling for them to be grateful for what we do as professionals, training to our maximum potential like we’re doing right now, so we can continue to better serve them," said Perez.

The Truck Company will head to Lexington, Summerville and Spartanburg counties once it’s finished up in Myrtle Beach.

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