Donation helps keep Florence School District 1 students digitally connected

Florence One Schools receive donation for remote learning

FLORENCE, S.C. (WMBF) - Like many other school districts, Florence School District One has had to keep students connected during the pandemic.

Now the district has received some help in their effort to provide internet access to students.

The School Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to providing resources for Florence One students, teachers and administrators.

Florence One Chief Technology Officer Kyle Jones said the foundation reached out to see what some of the district’s biggest needs were. Connectivity was near the top of the list.

The School Foundation was able to secure a $44,000 donation from the Foundation for the Carolinas to keep Florence One students connected.

Jones said they were allocated state MiFi hotspots, but they still had to provide district hotspots to students.

“We did not deny a student of need a MiFi and we provisioned some district MiFi’s as well so that funding is going to go towards paying that monthly connectivity for our students," said Jones.

The Foundation for the Carolinas was looking for ways to address internet connectivity issues in Florence County, and Executive Director of the School Foundation, Debbie Hyler, said they’re proud to be able to work with them to make this donation possible.

“As soon as we found out, we thought this is great because we knew we have needs in the district, so we were able to work with Kyle Jones and the technology department at Florence One Schools to come up with a proposal and luckily they funded it, so we were just thrilled," said Hyler.

Jones said Florence One will continue to strive to make sure its students are connected throughout the pandemic and beyond.

“We hope for as long as this lasts that we will stand shoulder to shoulder providing connectivity not only on campus but in the house, of our students in need," said Jones.

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