Family remembers ‘quiet and humble’ teen who was killed after being reported missing

Family remembers ‘quiet and humble’ teen who was killed after being reported missing
Family remembers ‘quiet and humble’ teen who was killed after being reported missing (Source: Adam Mintzer)

ORANGEBURG, S.C. (WIS) - An 18-year-old has been charged with murder in the case of a missing Orangeburg teen who went missing on July 10th.

According to officials, Jakeem Johnson was facing multiple charges and admitted to an unrelated murder while being interviewed by investigators. Johnson said he killed 18-year-old Imani Gleaton.

When Gleaton went missing in the middle of the summer, it was the start of many sleepless nights for her family.

“I’ve been praying just hoping she would come home, and then it got to the point where you just start putting stories together...of where she could be. This right here is not like her. Something is really wrong,” Gleaton’s cousin Keyana Logan said.

Imani Gleaton lost her Mom at a young age and was raised by her aunt and lived with her cousins.

Logan describes Gleaton as quiet and humble. She wasn’t the type of teenager who would not come home and leave the family worried.

Logan said Gleaton had just graduated high school and was starting to plan her future.

“She wanted to go to college that was her plan. She wanted to explore more in life,” Logan said.

Since the news of Gleaton’s death was announced, Logan has been in a state of disbelief. She said she is numb, shocked, and grieving at the same time.

“You see things like this on TV, you’d never expect it to hit so close to home,” she said.

Logan can’t believe someone would shoot her cousin and bury her body. According to investigators, Gleaton was shot on July 11th, the day after she went missing, and her body was found last Thursday.

However, while she wants justice for the death of her cousin, Logan has been thinking about the life Imani Gleaton lived. Logan smiles as she remembers Gleaton’s sense of humor.

“Every time she would laugh, I would laugh. And I used to pick on her and tell her she had a weird laugh,” Logan said.

She also remembered how much Gleaton enjoyed watching TV and movies, hanging out with her friends, and the pride her cousin got from going to work.

The only thing giving Logan a sense of calm in this time of mourning is that she doesn’t feel as if she must wonder anymore how her cousin died.

“I’m at peace that he confessed because he gave my family peace,” she said of Johnson.

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